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Fred N.

I started reading Counter Culture the week after my marriage. You see, I was divorced when my wife of 18 years had an affair 11 years in. I found out at about year 15 and fought to keep it alive but ultimately she chose the other man. After my divorce I went to seminary and studied church planting but I always had that feeling of the scarlet "D" above my head and that I wasn't good enough to go into ministry. While only a volunteer leader in my church, I wanted to make sure I was following God's plan for the rest of my life. I wanted to make sure that HIS will was being done, not mine. I wanted to make sure that it was GOD who would get all the glory in everything. So I started reading a lot of books from the Bible to Spurgeon and Wesley to Platt and Fay. And this book helped to confirm that I am right where God needs me. And that HIS plans are bigger than mine ever could be.