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We want to hear your story! Share how Counter Culture has impacted you and what you are doing to actively engage the culture around you.


Counter Culture has been a life changing read for me. I am indebted to David Platt's challenging, heart-felt exhortation to act on behalf of the helpless and needy. I have continued reading more...more

Pastor Rick

I pastor a smaller church with a limited budget and big heart. We are already making an impact with hunger and foster parenting, but your book has given me a desire to reach deeper. Thank you.more

Fred N.

I started reading Counter Culture the week after my marriage. You see, I was divorced when my wife of 18 years had an affair 11 years in. I found out at about year 15 and fought to keep it alive but...more


I grew up in a family that taught me to love Jesus, but I had a hard heart when it came to sharing material blessings. My husband practiced the discipline of tithing so eventually I learned to trust...more

Elizabeth L.

I, as a college age young lady, went in search of this book after hearing David speak at the 2015 Cross Conference. I had no idea what I was in for when I opened that book, but it changed my life in...more


I praise the Lord for followers of Christ like Dr. David Platt. His words are truly anointed by the power of the Holy Spirit. He prompts you to live and thrive against the grain for the glory of...more


My daughter and I have been supporting a girl in Bolivia for about 5 yrs now and we are planning to participate in Compassion Sunday to help our church become more aware of the poverty issue of...more

David S.

We are using "Counter Culture" to train students at Eagle Wings Academy (a donation (not tuition) funded Christian school for inner city children in Syracuse, NY unable to afford a Christian...more
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