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Ministry partners addressing “Sex Slavery”:

Eternal Perspective Ministries

Eternal Perspective Ministries is a Bible-believing Christ-centered nonprofit organization with two goals: to teach the principles of God's Word, emphasizing an eternal viewpoint and to reach the needy in Christ's name, calling attention to the needs of the unreached, unfed, unclothed, unsheltered, unsupported, unborn, unreconciled, and untrained.

International Justice Mission

Inspired by God’s call to love all people and seek justice for the oppressed, IJM protects the poor from violence by rescuing victims, bringing the criminals to justice, restoring survivors to safety and strength, and helping local law enforcement build a safe future that lasts.

The Footstool Project

Nepal is definitely not immune to this continually growing, devastating epidemic.  In fact, human trafficking in the Himalayas remains a rampant injustice in the form of commercial sexual exploitation and involuntary servitude with an estimated 15,000 to 20,00 children trafficked in Nepal every year.  Children of the Himalayas are vulnerable to trafficking because of limited economic opportunities, illiteracy, low education, low socioeconomic status and cultural/religious systems. TFP directly combats human trafficking in the heart of the Himalayas through a multitude of programs and projects - Education / Prevention; Enforcement / Legal Reform; Recovery / Therapy; Skills Training / Job Creation; Fostering National Partnerships; and Discipleship.   Through these tangible programs, the vulnerable are being protected and survivors are finding freedom and being empowered.  All of this is done as a platform to share about the ultimate, full-restoring, and overwhelming unconditional love and freedom offered by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Radical is a parachurch ministry that serves alongside the local church, providing multi-lingual biblical resources birthed in the context of a local church that we hope will support disciple-making in other local churches around the world. Radical serves these churches by providing resources in multiple languages, organizing events on multiple levels, and facilitating opportunities through multiple avenues that all aim to encourage followers of Christ in the global purpose God has designed for us as His people. 

Scarlet Hope

Scarlet Hope is a non profit organization that exists to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with women in the adult entertainment industry.  We accomplish this mission in four ways, through outreaching to women in strip clubs, illegal massage parlors & online prostitution.  Discipling women that come to know Jesus Christ, providing transitional jobs through our social enterprise Scarlet's Bakery, and reaching women in the industry nationally through our network. Our prayer is that every women in the adult entertainment industry will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord.


The bottom line? Slavery still exists and we refuse to do nothing about it. In India, the average age of a girl entering the sex trade is eleven. Many who enter are trafficked… in other words kidnapped, lured with promises of jobs in the city or sold by their own friends or family into sexual slavery. It is estimated that there are more than 3 million women and girls enslaved in India’s sex trade. Sudara’s mission is to create pathways to freedom for women escaping the ravages of sex slavery to achieve lives of hope and dignity.